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Cascode E-mode FET Technology



GaN HEMT is a normally-on device, which needs a negative gate bias to pinch off the 2DEG channel. A gate dielectric insulator is inserted between the gate metal and AlGaN top barrier layer to lower leakage and passivate the device, as known Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor(MIS) structure,
 which alternatively improves reliability. Though its threshold voltage is more negative compared to that of GaN HEMT, a higher output current with similar RDSon can be achieved.


A GaN cascade E-mode FET typically consists of high-voltage (HV) GaN D-mode MIS-HEMT and a low-voltage (LV) normally-off Si MOSFET, both of which are connected in series. As shown in the following circuit schematic for the GaN cascade E-mode FET, its input gate terminal is located at the gate of the LV MOSFET, and the output drain terminal is on the drain of the HV GaN D-mode MIS-HEMT. Namely, the LV Si MOSFET takes charge of gate driving while the GaN cascade E-mode FET supports HV power switching.




The GaN MIS-HEMT is easy to fabricate and presents high yield, reliability, and reproducibility. The associated GaN cascode FET thus carries on these advantages.
Contributing to the Si LV MOSFET, the GaN cascode E-mode FET owns capabilities of large gate swing and adjustable threshold voltage, which increase flexibility and easiness for system integration.




P/N Status PKG. Type BVDSS(V) ID(A) VGS(th)(V) RDS(ON)
Qg(nC) Ciss(pF) Remark
MGZ31N65 MP DFN8x8-3L Cascode 650 6.5 1.6~2.6 300 9 793
MGC18N65 ENG TO-220 Cascode 650 13 3.1~4.9 150 8 598
MGZ18N65 ENG DFN8x8-3L Cascode 650 13 3.1~4.9 150 8 598



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