MTC-E620 (I) Series

SM2262EN NVMe SSDs - 256GB~2TB

MTC-E620 (I) Series

The MPC-E620(I) Series solid-state-drive (SSD) is a performance optimized, M.2 form-factor, PCI-Express/NVMe interface mass storage device. The MPC-E620(I) Series SSD is compliant with PCI-Express Gen. 3 and NVMe 1.3 protocol. Interfacing host platform with high speed PCIe 8 Gb/s lanes, MPC-E620(I) Series -delivers high access speed for both READ and WRITE access. The MPC-E620(I) Series utilize advanced, proprietary performance-optimized LDPC ECC technology plus NAND Flash RAID engine to ensure high reli ability and protect user data. In addition, the MPC-E620(I) Series also features intelligent power management to maintain low overall power consumption while delivering high data throughput and rigorous data protection.





Key features

  • Ultra-High Performance
    • PCIe Gen3 x4
    • 8 NAND channels
  • Best-in-class Low Power
    • PS3: 50mW
    • PS4 (L1.2): <2mW
  • NAND Flash Interface
    • Supports 4 flash channels with 4 chip enable (CE) pins per channel
    • Supports ONFI 4.2/3.0 and Toggle interface, frequency up to 1600 MT/s
    • Supports 3D NAND
    • 1.8V and 1.2V NAND Flash I/O power
    • Multi-plane operation
    • Programmable driving strength fits different types of NAND configurations
  • Data path Protection
    • End to end data protection
    • SRAM ECC
  • NANDXtend™ ECC Technology
    • 2KB code word LDPC
    • Embedded programmable RAID