About us

About Us

Provide customers with the best service on wafer foundry service and power device that share the Miracle with our customers.

Miracle Technology Co., Ltd. (MTC) was founded in 1993 and started focusing on wafer foundry agent service business since 1997, over the past 23 years our customer base has grown from zero to over 300 design house customers, we collaborate with several renowned foundry fabs in Taiwan, Korea or China to provide project tape-outs, engineering consultancy and production logistic support to our customers, and In order to expand the service scope we have started to provide 12” foundry service and probe card service of CIS products in 2021 .

Since 2008 we also started to release series of power components carrying our own brand name, these products include Power MOSFETs, Photo Couplers and IGBT devices with module, under strict quality requirements above industry standards we design, develop and manufacture these products, we are also able to work with our customers to provide customized products.

In 2021 we started to develop and enter the SSD business and at the same time became an agent of two layers substrate to expand our services and product offerings to our customers.

We guarantee to bring to our customers the best quality of wafer foundry service and power devices, MTC is always looking forward to building the best partnership with you.


We provide diversified options of semiconductor manufacturing services to our customers




GaN Basic, GaN for UVC, MOSFET and PHOTOCOUPLER package.


PCIe SSD, SATA SSD, EMMC, and BGA NAND FLash storage.


we have over 5 years of experience in Substrate service.

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