MPCM303X, MPCM304X, MPCM306X, MPCM308XSeries

SOP4, DC Input, Zero-Corss Photo TRIAC Optocoupler

MPCM303X, MPCM304X, MPCM306X, MPCM308XSeries

The MPCM303X, MPCM304X, MPCM306X and MPCM308X series combine an AlGaAs infrared emitting diode as the emitter which is optically coupled to a monolithic silicon zero-cross photo triac in a plastic SOP4 package with different lead forming options. With the robust coplanar double mold structure, MPCM303X, MPCM304X, MPCM306X and MPCM308X series provide the most stable isolation feature.





• High isolation 3750 VRMS
• DC input with transistor output
• Operating temperature range - 55 °C to 110 °C
• RoHS & REACH Compliance
• MSL class 1
• Regulatory Approvals

  1. UL - UL1577
  2. VDE - EN60747-5-5(VDE0884-5)
  3. CQC – GB4943.1, GB8898

• Solenoid/valve controls
• Lighting controls
• Motor controls
• Temperature controls
• Static AC power switches
• Solid state relays
• Interfacing microprocessors to 115 to 240VAC peripherals

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