MTC-MM510 Series

eMMC 5.1 - 32GB~128GB

MTC-MM510 Series

The Miracle MM510 Series e∙MMC is an embedded flash memory storage solution. The Miracle e∙MMC is a hybrid
device combining an embedded flash controller include LDPC based ECC and flash memory, with JEDEC Standard e∙MMC 5.1 interface. The Miracle MM510 Series e∙MMC controller inc lude LDPC based ECC directs the Flash management, including ECC, wear-leveling, IOPS optimization and read sensing, significantly reducing
the storage man agement burden of the host CPU. The Miracle MM510 Series e∙MMC is an ideal storage solution for many e lectronics devices. The Miracle e∙MMC designed to cover a wide area of application such as smart phones, Tablet PCs, Mobile phones, PDAs, Handheld electronics, Digital video cameras, Multimedia equipment, etc. Not only used in consumer products, t he Miracl e MM510 Series e∙MMC is being adopted rapidly in embedded applications, such as many Computer on Module designs, because of its compact size, low power consumption and many enhanced feature. The technology specifications of e∙MMC are managed by JEDEC, the global leader in developing open standards for the microelectronics industry.





Key features

  • Support JEDEC/ e•MMC 5.1 Compliant
  • Support 3.3V/1.8V power supply
  • Support 12 wire bus (CLK, CMD, Data Strobe, DAT[7:0] and hardware reset (RST_n))
  • Up to 400MHz clock speed
  • Support Single Data Rate(SDR) and Dual Data Rate(DDR)
  • Support different Bus width : 1bit, 4bit, 8bit
  • Support Original Boot and Alternative Boot modes
  • Support Data Removal (Erase, Trim and Sanitize)
  • Support Replay Protected Memory Block(RPMB)
  • Support Multiple Partitions with enhanced attribute
  • Support Lock/Unlock and Write Protection
  • Support Data Protection for Power Failure
  • Support Power Saving Sleep Mode
  • Support High Priority Interrupt(HPI)
  • Support Background Operation
  • Support Packed Commands

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