MTC provides PCIe NVMe standard testing and services

PCIe-SSD Power Adapter Plus Gen4 Series

MTC PCIe-SSD Power Adapter Plus Gen4 Lab (PSPA+ Gen4)
PCIe NVMe Gen3/Gen4 compactly and protocol testing capability.
Improving your PCIe NVMe SSD combability.



  1. PCIe x4 or PCIe x16 configuration
  2. Support for all PCIe voltages: 12v, 3.3v & 3.3v Aux
  3. Isolation of data and auxiliary signals from the PCIe system bus
  4. Protection of the PCIe power supply through easy-to-replace pluggable fuses
  5. PCIe wear-out riser card for high-volume testing
  6. LED lights to show board status
  7. Two ways to control device power: hardware switch and software control
  8. The ability to supply the DUT with power from either an internal or external power mode
  9. The ability to supply the DUT with up to 5 Amps
  10. Current and voltage measurement
  11. Voltage adjustment via external power mode
  12. Support for PCIe PERST# (PCIe Reset)

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